The old and The new

Hey, welcome to my blog!
You will be asking,“New blog? What the heck contemplating doing over the past eight years?”

Allow me the chance to explain.
(This really is impossible to explain, so if you don’t care for about my past, continue readingmy post.)

Way back in … what was it? … 2004 or so,

I began a blog about music, which wascalled top uk music .(Ah, the old days.)

In those days it had become super-hit. I posted three, four, five times in 24 hours, short posts, linking to, top music singles,albums,dubs and the usual blog stuff.

it had been an excellent blog going through 10,000 visitors a month however I was doing this while at uni and my time had been taken by my studies and it started break apart fast word to thesocial era .In 2012I wish toblog about daily , my job and my online experince and anything serious.Please join my blog and stay tuned